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Our River Oaks Hair Salon at 1943 West Gray St. is for women who want to be beautiful. They know that having gorgeous, shiny, radiant hair and flawless makeup are attainable. They know that beauty is not shallow but is one element of life well-lived. They want a salon with the experience, skill, and creative vision to help give life to their dreams.

We celebrate every person’s unique beauty. Our stylists listen to your beauty goals, ask about your lifestyle, and help guide clients to their best looks.

Want multi-faceted all-over color, beachy highlights, the still-trendy balayage look, or trendsetting shatush?  We use a variety of color products to get the right results for your hair type.  Whatever technique you choose, we give you gorgeous, shiny, multi-dimensional color.

We offer three different keratin treatments.  We offer Keratin Complex, collagen keratin, and our secret Argentinian keratin formula.  Fans of our Argentinian keratin love the frizz-free results for any hair type, even in Houston’s humidity.

Salon Efrain uses our in-house brand of cosmetics.   Our makeup is all-natural, paraben-free, lightweight, and long-lasting.  Whether you want a natural look or a full face, our breathable, durable cosmetics can help you achieve that look.

We offer complete services at our salon.  We can also travel to locations for makeup and hair for special occasions.  We provide individual special occasion services, as well as group services. 

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Let's Have a Discussion...

Yes, you.

You have lustrous, gorgeous hair that enhances your bone structure, brings out the color of your eyes, and flatters your skin tone.

At least, you could.  All you need is the right stylist to reveal it.

Your eyes are intriguing.

Your skin is radiant.

Your smile lights up rooms and warms hearts. 

If you don’t see that beauty when you look in the mirror, let us help you find it.

In a hair rut?  Know you want a change, but not what you want?

We do.  You want a look that:

✓ You can style

✓ Fits into your schedule

✓ Has upkeep you can manage

✓ Flatters your bone structure

✓ Is a great color

✓ Makes you feel stunning

The right style is different for every person.  Your hair’s natural texture and growth patterns help determine the best haircuts for you.  Your bone structure and face shape determine which cuts will look fabulous on you.  Your skin tone and your eye color will look their most radiant with specific colors.  You have the time and the skills for certain styles. 

You know what you want.  You might not know what hairstyle will do all that for you.  We do.

Who is Efraín?

To understand the mission of Salon Efraín, a River Oaks hair salon, you must take a journey back to Monterrey, Mexico.  Imagine a young woman who was bullied for her appearance.  Like so many women, her insecurities about her looks impacted her confidence.  Even though she was a beautiful person inside, how she felt about her outside left her nervous and unsure.  As a result, few people got to know this gorgeous girl.

Enter this girl’s friend Efraín…

Efraín considered this girl one of his best friends.  When she came to him and asked him to help her look beautiful for a graduation party, he was happy to oblige.  He had already been honing his skills as a stylist.  Naturally talented, Efraín was used to using his skills on women who realized their beauty.

We are a Rice Village Hair Salon. Efrain is an exceptional hair stylist.

He decided that his mission was not to make his friend look beautiful for a night but to make her look so stunning that she would never again question her beauty.

Efraín worked with the girl’s hair to make it radiant, gorgeous, shiny, and attractive.  He used makeup to reveal the beautiful structure of her face, enhance its symmetry, and show everything unique and beautiful about her.  She considered it a transformation.  Efraín knew it was a revelation.

Since that moment, Efraín has been on a mission to reveal the beauty in people. 

Beauty is more than skin deep.

“Beauty is only skin deep.”

You have probably heard that saying a thousand times or more.  The problem is that it is not true

Beauty is more than skin deep. When you look good, you feel good.  Looking your best can boost your confidence.  It can free up energy to achieve your goals.

Some people think that focusing on beauty is shallow.  We know that when you feel beautiful, you focus less on your looks and more on the moments.

The right haircut or flawless makeup can help you feel beautiful and ready to tackle the world. At Salon Efrain, we help you get there. Schedule an appointment today!

Salon Efrain is a bellaire hair salon that believes beauty is not skin deep

Who do you want to see when you look in the mirror?

Rice village hair salon that believes every women is beautiful

We start all of our client relationships with a consultation.  What look do you want?  What matches your personality?  Are you a high-maintenance diva who needs an appropriately glamorous look?  Are you a casually chic woman who likes a wash-and-wear style that fits your lifestyle but still turns heads?

Anyone can leave a salon looking and feeling fabulous.  When you walk out of a salon, you have spent hours with a skilled professional with the training to make you look great.  That is why so many times someone walks out of a salon with a haircut that they think is great, but that is all wrong for them.

That is why a consultation is an absolute must.  A great stylist does not just create great hairstyles.  A great stylist helps find the right style for each person. 

The real test of a great haircut is how it looks the first time you style it.  Does the cut compliment your face shape and bone structure?  Does it work with your lifestyle?

We take the time to find out. 

We build a relationship and, together, we build the vision you want to see in the mirror. We are a River Oaks hair salon located in the Houston area, schedule your consultation today!

Start Your Booking Process Today

We personalize every service we offer.  Our online booking service will ask you a series of questions about your beauty goals.  Answer them thoroughly so that we can be sure to devote the time and energy you deserve for your look.  Not sure how to answer them?  Please give our River Oaks hair salon.  A staff member will be happy to answer any questions and book a consultation for you.