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6 Quinceañera Makeup Ideas for You to Consider


Quinceanera Makeup Ideas for You to ConsiderData from 2020 shows that there are around 62.1 million Hispanics/Latino Americans. This means that they represent about 18.9% of the US population.

A Quinceañera is a very big deal in the Hispanic and Latin communities. This is the celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday as she enters womanhood.

This is in celebration of her purity and their readiness for marriage. There is a mass ceremony with family and friends, then a party is hosted afterward.

Keep reading to find out what Quinceañera makeup ideas you should consider.

1. Blue 

A Quinceañera often includes bright colors, specifically bright dresses. This often inspires eye makeup, creating a color palette that balances against each other.

One color that is often used is blue. Blue is a beautiful color that you can find in a variety of shades from light to dark.

The problem with blue is that it can be a bit difficult to pull off. Many experts recommend using pops of blue makeup products with other neutral products.

For example, you could have very little other makeup with a pop of blue eyeshadow. This would create a specific feature that pops against the blue of your dress.

2. Red

Another popular color to work with is red for elegance. When done right, red makeup creates a stunning appearance for the most girls.

It can help you to look elegant and sophisticated as you enter womanhood. Although, you have to be careful about using too much red as it can be overwhelming.

Your Quinceañera makeup should be the same red shade as your dress. Choose one or two makeup products to rely on for this shade.

You could pair blush with red lipstick or simply stick to red eyeshadow. You can always ask your Quinceañera makeup artist for their opinion since they will know what looks good.

3. Purple 

For a striking appearance, you could go for purple-themed makeup. Purple is one of the more traditional colors when it comes to Quinceañera dresses.

It is a color that allows you to lean more toward darker makeup looks. Your makeup artist could create a smoky eye with subtle shades of purple or indigo.

This creates a mature look that elevates any dress that you are wearing. Make sure you stick to a simple lipstick or gloss instead of choosing a red lip.

4. Yellow

For a bright Quinceañera appearance, you could choose a yellow makeup look. This is bright and cheerful and still gives you that youthful glow.

Keep in mind that yellow makeup is a bit tricky to work with. You will want to stay away from bright shades on yellow makeup, instead choosing bronze or gold.

This will help to elevate the yellow look without becoming overwhelming. You can pair this with pink lipstick or a simple gloss.

5. Pink

A very popular option is a pink look for your Quinceañera. Most girls love the shade of pink, and it is the perfect balance between girlhood and womanhood.

There are so many different kinds of pink you will need to make sure the makeup matches your dress. You also don’t have to rely only on pink shades.

You could lean more towards pinkish browns or pinkish grays. These create a more mature look and help to bring out subtle shades of your pink dress.

Make sure you pick a complementary lipstick color, as this looks best with pink dresses. You could also enjoy a light smoky eye for a more mature pink look.

6. Emerald

A unique shade to work with is an emerald Quinceañera makeup look. This is a color that stands out, and it looks amazing on bronzy skin tones.

Emerald gives you plenty of makeup options since you could go with a shade of emerald. Or your Quinceañera makeup artist may recommend choosing a complementary color.

Some colors that go well with emerald are gold and silver. You could also use a smoky eye if you are wearing a darker shade of emerald.

Avoid using red lipstick as emerald and red don’t pair well. Instead of red, you could go with lipstick that is light pink or peach-colored.

How to Choose the Right Quinceanera Makeup

Choosing the right makeup for such a big event is a bit difficult. You may not know what direction to take when it comes to these makeup ideas.

Something that you need to consider is your complexion. Certain colors are complementary to certain complexions, bringing out the best tones in your skin.

This is part of why hiring a professional makeup artist is so important. They understand how these colors work and will give you their expert recommendations.

Make sure you also show them the color of the dress you will be wearing. You want to make sure the colors you choose are complementary or match the actual dress.

You also need to consider the theme of your Quinceañera. If you have a specific theme, you may want your look to represent that.

The Best Quinceanera Makeup Options

If your Quinceañera is coming up, you are probably thinking about your makeup. You should hire a Quinceañera makeup artist to help you achieve the best look possible.

This is a big event, and you want to look your best and feel confident.

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