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Balayage: The Ultimate Hair Coloring Technique

Balayage hair technique has many benefits to considerIn general, it’s recommended to wait at least six to eight weeks before dying your hair again. Are you ready for a change that’ll highlight and frame your face? 

Whether you’re heading off to prom, getting married, or having your quinceañera, you’ll want to look your best, but how? Check out this guide on balayage and how it’ll transform your locks today!

What Is Balayage Hair?

Balayage is the French word for “to sweep.” Your highlights are hand painted onto random sections of hair. 

Lightener or dye is normally used starting midshaft and denser the further down it goes. It gives you a natural look like you were just on a tropical vacation. 

This technique is done without foil (which traditional highlights use). It’s similar to the ombre style. 

You can even have it throughout your head to give you a total lightener. You won’t have to worry about roots growing out as much as other methods. You could also have a partial or mini balayage. 

They’re normally only a few shades lighter than your base color. It’s easy to maintain as well and perfect for bridal hair services. 

Balayage Hair Technique Benefits 

Balayage near me has several benefits, including being low-maintenance, a natural look, and more. They’re low-maintenance since they don’t leave behind harsh lines of regrowth. 

This allows you to go longer without an appointment. It tends to look more natural than highlights. 

Balayage blends with your natural base. Color is less likely to bleed. 

Your Houston color professional will use a barrier between sections to prevent layers of bleach from touching. With highlights, bleed is more common if foil is placed too close together. 

It’s also less damaging. You’re not saturating your entire head in bleach. You’ll have a lightened look with less damage to your tresses. 

Choosing balayage is simple because: 

  • It’s more natural
  • It helps your hair stay healthier
  • A blended look
  • Go longer between appointments 
  • Low maintenance 

How To Prepare for Your Appointment

Come with clean hair since there won’t be a build-up of oil, dirt, or products. Use a conditioner a few days prior for moisture.

Let your Bellaire hair salon stylist know if you prefer to wear your hair straight or curly. It’s best to arrive with your hair in that style. 

Bring multiple photos to showcase your dream style. Your Houston hair professional will review the photos and ask what you like/don’t like. 

What To Expect

Your hair professional will choose strands or sections of hair and apply the lightener. The lightener tends to concentrate more on the face-framing pieces of the hair. 

They’ll listen to your ideal goal and what will work best with your hair color and style. Your appointment will be customized for your needs. 

Your colorist will evaluate your hair and take a look at the photos you bring in. Go over whether you’re open to a haircut during the process. 

Once you decide on a plan, they’ll mix up the lightener and begin. The painting can take one to two hours, depending on your hair length and style. 

They’ll work section by section. Colorists will use saran wrap or cotton to avoid bleeding onto other sections. The lighter you go, the more strands they’ll paint. 

You may sit under a dryer to speed up the process. Once the lightener is applied to your hair, though, it begins working. 

For delicate hair, they might skip the dryer. They’ll come by to check on your hair to see how it’s doing. 

Once it’s at the right shade, they’ll rinse your hair. You might receive a protein treatment during this step. 

They might apply a gloss to blend your new color and natural base together. After the gloss, you’ll be blow-dried and receive a trim. 

Why’s It Healthier?

You’re less likely to have damage to your hair. A lower percentage of your hair will be processed. This equates to hair that looks less dry or damaged. 

You can also go longer between touchups. This also equates to less damage. 

Ombre vs. Balayage

Ombre is where your hair is split into two contrasting color sections. It blends from one shade to another. 

The darker shade is normally at the top, and the lighter shade is at the bottom. Some will ask for a reverse ombre. 

Ombre is the gradient style or effect, and balayage is the name of the technique to apply color. Ombre often uses a lightener placed horizontally with full saturation of the section. 

It’s then blended upward. Balayage is smaller sectioning for color to be painted onto the hair’s surface. Balayage is vertical. 

Both offer you a low-maintenance routine. Keep in mind that both ombre and balayage tend to cost more and will require more time. 

How To Have Your Balayage Last

Hair protection during the process is vital. Speak with your hair treatment in Houston salon about how to keep your hair healthy and strong.

See what treatment options they have available or that they recommend. You’ll want to use color-safe shampoo and conditioner too. 

All About That Balayage

After exploring this guide, you should better understand balayage and if it’s right for you. Are you dreaming of the perfect hair color for your wedding or another upcoming event? 

Or, maybe you want to pamper and treat yourself to the hair color you’ve always wanted. Book now today!

We help transform your hair for those in both Houston and Bellaire. From prom makeup to balayage treatment, we offer a variety of services.