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Bridal Makeup & Hair Services

It is not enough for bridal makeup to be beautiful. Many modern brides are skilled in makeup application. They give themselves beautiful makeup every day.

Wedding makeup needs to be more than beautiful; it needs to be flawless.

In addition to looking great, brides want their wedding makeup to:

  • Reveal Their Inner Beauty
  • Look Great in Photos
  • Be Long-Lasting
  • Be Water-Resistant
  • Not Smudge, Smear, or Transfer

For those reasons, even brides who are confident in their makeup skills choose a professional for the big day. Salon Efrain can help.

Bridal Services

We provide bridal makeup services for brides and their party

We offer complete bridal makeup and hairstyling services for your wedding.  We can provide services for the bride or the entire bridal party.

We offer services in our salon or on-site.

What Does a Typical Bridal Makeup Service Entail?

Our bridal makeup and hair services begin like any of our other services: with a consultation. At the consultation, the stylist will discuss the wedding with the bride. If the bride has a specific look in mind, the stylist discusses how to achieve that look.

They will also discuss specific details about the wedding, such as:

  • Wedding Date
  • Wedding Time
  • Preview Appointment
  • Picture Appointment
  • Hair, Makeup, or Both?
  • Bride or Bridal Party?
  • Salon or On-site?

The Stylist Will Ask Questions About the Wedding

Even if you have a specific image in mind, the stylist will ask questions about your wedding. These questions help the stylist create the look that you want.  They will also enable the stylist to help you make important decisions about your wedding look. Here are some of the questions we can talk about.

What season is the wedding?  The season can impact the color palette of your makeup.  If you are planning a wedding in a different season, how will seasonal changes impact:

  • Skin Tone
  • Hair Color
  • Skin Texture
  • Hair Texture

Will you be using a self-tanner or getting a spray tan before the wedding?

  • Many brides use these treatments.
  • Your skin tone should be the same in your preview session. 
  • Moisturize thoroughly before using any self-tanning products for even application.

What lipstick do you usually use?

  • If you have dry lips and regularly use balm, matte lipsticks may feel too dry.

Do you have any makeup allergies or sensitivities?

  • We use our own house-brand makeup.
  • It is formulated for sensitive skin and is free from common allergens.
  • People with allergies should still skin tests before the wedding.

Are you using a teeth whitening product?

  • Many brides have a tooth whitening regimen before their wedding.
  • Lipstick color can change the appearance of your teeth when smiling.

The Questions You Should Ask at Your Consultation

On your wedding day, you want to:

  • Look like yourself
  • Look gorgeous

At Salon Efrain, our specialty is helping clients reveal their true beauty.

We want to be your choice for your bridal salon.

Even more than that, we want you to feel like you chose the right people for your wedding.

That is why we suggest you ask any salon you are considering the following questions:

Are you available on my wedding date?  That should be the first question that you ask.    Make sure and ask about trial days and picture days.

Can you come to my location?  When you ask this question, make sure you specify the location.  Many stylists are happy to travel to local wedding venues.  For non-local venues, you may need to negotiate rates, expenses, and travel arrangements.

Can you accommodate my party?  Be upfront about how many people will need makeup or hair services.  Most salons that handle weddings can handle bridal parties, but they need to send enough stylists for your group size.

How much will this cost?  Once you have explained what you want, the salon should give you a complete estimate.  Ask for an itemized breakdown of what this cost includes. 

When is payment due? You may have to pay a deposit or for services before the wedding.  Find out the payment schedule.

Do you have a portfolio?  You want to look at the stylist’s previous wedding work. 

Will we try multiple looks at my makeup or hair trial appointment?  Some salons will give you a preview look. Others will arrange numerous looks.  If you are uncertain about your wedding look, make sure your salon is flexible.  

What products do you use?  Knowing the products a salon uses lets you check ingredients. 

Bridal Makeup Looks

There are several looks you could choose for your wedding. Some popular combinations are:

  • Smoky eyes with a nude lip
  • Gold or bronze eyes with a pink lip
  • Winged liner with a red lip

Whichever look you choose, there are some universal tips for bridal makeup:

  • Avoid glittery products.  You can use a soft shimmer, but
  • Focus on eyes or lips, not both.
  • Use heavier makeup than a typical day.  It needs to show up in pictures and from a distance.

Take it easy on the highlighter.  Too much highlighter can appear greasy in flash photography.

Avoid over contouring.  Contour can be great, but an over-contoured face looks fake. 

Using too much blush.  You may be naturally flushed on your wedding day. Make sure your makeup artist knows if you flush or blush so that they can plan your makeup.

Think about fake eyelashes.  Everyone loves the look of long lashes.  Not everyone is comfortable with them.  If you are not a false eyelash fan, try them out before the wedding.  If they create issues, avoid them on the wedding day. 

Plan your makeup trial early.  Make sure and plan your preview day early.  If you do not like the look, you want plenty of time to get the look you love from your stylist or find another stylist.

Pre-Wedding Beauty

While great wedding day hair and makeup can help you look gorgeous, instituting a beauty regimen before the wedding is even more helpful.

Avoid new looks.  If you are considering a significant change for your wedding, plan it months in advance.  If you do not love your color, you have time to restore it to your initial color.  If you do not love a haircut, you have time to grow it out.  Avoid significant changes in the weeks before the wedding. 

Cut and color before the wedding.  You want your hair to look great for your wedding.  Plan touchups to color and any haircuts two to four weeks before your wedding. 

Begin a tooth whitening regimen.  You want your teeth to look white for your wedding.  Start a tooth whitening regimen months before the wedding.  If you plan professional whitening, prepare it at least two weeks before the wedding.  Professional whitening can cause sensitivity and pain immediately after the treatment.

Get facials.  Getting regular facials leading up to the wedding can help your skin look fabulous.  Avoid them the week before the wedding because they can bring blemishes to the surface.

Hydrate.  Are you drinking enough water?  Hydration is the key to great skin.  If you have not been drinking enough water, start now.

Figure out your brows.  Eyebrows help define your face.  Heavier brows are currently stylish, but they should be meticulously groomed.  Splurge on professional eyebrow grooming. Figure out the color and shape that is best for your face.

Avoid the sun.  While you do not have to avoid any outdoor activities, keep in mind that tanned skin means tan lines.  It also means that a makeup preview you love might look different.  So, slather on the sunscreen when you head outside before the wedding.

Think about your nails.  If you are getting artificial nails for your wedding, we suggest getting them at least two weeks before the wedding.  That will give you time to adjust to the feel of them.  Then, plan your pre-wedding mani-pedi a day or two before the wedding.  You do not want to skip it; people will be looking at your hands when they look at your ring.

Is Salon Efrain the Right Choice for My Wedding?

As you can see, many things go into creating your wedding look. 

We think we would do a great job with your wedding hair and makeup.

The only way you can decide if we are the right choice for you is to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.