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Ready For Your Perfect Hairstyle?

Clients tend to come in two varieties. 

The first type of client knows precisely which haircut they want.  They have a vision in mind and want us to bring it to life. The second type of client knows they want a fabulous haircut, but they are less sure of the details.

At Salon Efrain, we delight in both types type of clients.  Here is our approach to each:

If you already have a vision, we consult with you to make sure we completely understand it. Then, we use techniques to give you the most flattering version of the haircut you want. 

You walk out feeling gorgeous. 

If you are unsure of the details, we use our artistic knowledge to wow you. During your consultation, we talk to you about how you want to feel. We find out about your lifestyle. We discuss different options.  

You walk out feeling transformed.

Exquisite Haircuts for Women

Haircuts have three equally important components: your hair, your face, and your willingness to style it. If a stylist fails to pay attention to one of those components, there is a problem. You might still leave the salon feeling good about your hair. You should. A professional styled your hair for you. Will it look the same tomorrow when you have to style it?

The wrong cut is not the same as a bad haircut. The wrong cut can be technically perfect, but just not right for you. Every day, clients walk out of other salons with beautifully styled, perfectly cut haircuts that are all wrong for them.    

At Salon Efrain, we keep the three keys to a superb haircut in mind with every haircut we give. 

When we can answer yes to all three questions, the result will be the best haircut of your life.

Your Hair Guides Your Haircut

Think about your hair.

Not all heads of hair are the same. Some cuts look best with thinner hair. Other cuts look anemic without long, flowing locks.

Products can work wonders. You can even add volume and length to your look with extensions. However, for most people, the best cuts are going to work with your hair. 

Your Hair Frames Your Face

We all want gorgeous hair, but the real purpose of a beautiful haircut is to draw attention to your best features.  

A great haircut frames but never hides your face. It captures the sparkle in your eyes. It highlights your favorite features and detracts from your least favorite ones.

Knowing which cuts will flatter your face starts with understanding face shapes.  There are eight basic face shapes:


  • Forehead, cheeks, and jaw are the same width
  • Face is angular with few curves
  • Longer than it is wide


  • Forehead and jaw are the same widths
  • Cheeks are slightly wider
  • Longer than it is wide
  • Curve to the features


  • Forehead, cheeks, and jaw are the same width
  • Face has few curves
  • Length and width are similar


  • Forehead is the widest part of the face
  • Chin is pointed


  • Forehead and jaw are the same widths
  • Pointed chins
  • High cheekbones


  • Forehead and jaw are similar widths
  • Cheeks are wider and rounded
  • Face is curvy
  • Face looks full


  • Jaw is wider than the forehead
  • Chin is square or flat in shape


  • Face is longer than it is wide
  • Cheeks, jaw, and forehead are the same width
  • Curvier than a rectangle but more angular than an oval

A great haircut makes the most of your face shape. As humans, we are naturally drawn to the eyes and the mouth. An excellent haircut will highlight those features.

Some haircuts are considered the most flattering for each face shape. If you have a rectangular face shape, shorter layers can help soften the appearance of your face’s angles. A side part can lengthen the look of a square face. 

However, what we think of as flattering can be very individual. One of the reasons that consultations are so important is that people are challenging the old-fashioned rules.  You might want an angular cut that emphasizes a square jawline instead of a cut that softens it. 

At Salon Efrain, we are not here to tell you what is beautiful. We are here to listen to you tell us what you think is gorgeous and then help you create it.

Your Time, Your Skill, Your Style

Some of our clients want wash-and-wear cuts.  These are cuts that look good after air-drying, require little product and little styling. 

Other clients are happy to do at-home blowouts and are comfortable with products and tools. Which one are you?

It is essential to be realistic about how often you will style your hair.  A haircut that looks great with a blowout and heat tools, but is always pulled back in a messy ponytail, may be a great haircut, but not for you.

If you have the time to devote to your hair, but not the skill, we can teach you.  Let us know about that during your consultation.  Then the stylist can take you step-by-step through the styling process. 

Salon Efrain’s Techniques

Some of the techniques and specialized cuts you will find at Salon Efrain include:

Mariposa Bangs – This is a versatile cut that creates symmetrical bangs.  You can part hair on either side or down the middle.  You can part the bangs, sweep them to either side or make a curtain-bang effect.  It is one of our most popular cuts because it allows you to create multiple looks.

Copolla Technique – This is an Italian texturizing technique where we twist the hair as we cut it.  The twist adds extra movement to the haircut.

Felizati Texturizing – A game changer for fine hair.  This highly detailed technique involves separating small sections of hair and cutting them individually.  The result adds loads of texture.

Gravedad – This precise cutting technique creates a surprisingly natural look.  We combine gravity with geometry to create a naturally-blended layered look.

Desplumaje – A detailed texturizing technique for very fine hair. Instead of using texturizing shears, we cut the hair ends in a flicking motion with cutting shears. Using cutting shears ensures we are in complete control of how much hair we remove with each cut.

Accovacciato – This is a layering technique that works wonderfully with longer hair.  We drape the hair and cut it upside-down.  The result is a style that perfectly frames the face.

Enfer – This is a  de-volumizing technique for extra full hair.  Full hair can be de-volumized and made lighter without sacrificing the look of gorgeous volume.  We separate the hair into intricate sections before cutting and de-volumizing.  The result is a lightweight and easy to manage style.

Graduale – This advanced cutting technique uses a fixed reference point to create trendy styles for both men and women.

Ready for Your Revelation?

Book your consultation.  It’s the first step in our collaboration.  When we finish, you will look in the mirror and see how stunningly gorgeous you truly are.