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 Keratin Treatment

If you describe your hair as unmanageable, frizzy, or hard-to-control, it might not be your hair.

Houston’s hot and humid weather can wreak havoc on even the smoothest locks.  You can go from looking polished and perfect one second to starting to frizz the next. 

There are products you can use daily to help manage the frizz.  They help most people.  They work most of the time.

Are they a match for Houston summers? Not really. The real solution is getting a keratin treatment done.

Keratin Treatments at Salon Efrain

Fortunately, Keratin are. 

At Salon Efrain, we offer three different types:

  • Keratin Complex
  • Collagen Keratin
  • Argentinian Keratin

Each of these treatments can help make your hair more manageable.  Before exploring their differences, we want to tell you about what they have in common.

  • All three treatments are keratin-based hair treatments.
  • We use formaldehyde-free formulations.
  • Keratin makes hair look smooth and shiny. 
  • The treatments are long-lasting.
  • They reduce the need for heat styling.
  • Keratin treatments can help you grow your hair.

Why Keratin Treatments at Salon Efrain Works?

Hair is composed of overlapping cells.  Keratin treatment smoothes these cells.  The result is hair that looks less frizzy and has a shiny appearance.

Some salons will tell you that Keratin fixes split ends.  That is not true. 

However, Keratin does bond split ends together temporarily.  It makes hair look healthier. 

Salon Efrain provides three options for Keratin treatment

Keratin Is Long-Lasting

If you are careful with your hair, this treatment can last up to six months.  Under normal conditions, they last three months.

Salt water and chlorine can impact the lifespan of a keratin treatment.  If you do a lot of swimming, you may need more frequent treatments.

Reduce Your Need for Heat Styling

Because keratin treatments reduce frizz, air-dried hair looks better.  You will find yourself using your blow dryer and straightening iron less often. 

Grow Your Hair Longer

Keratin will not make your hair grow faster, but it can help strengthen your hair. 

Strong hair is healthy hair. 

Keratin treatments make your hair look healthier. Healthy-looking hair means fewer trims. 

The fewer trims you need, the faster you get long hair.

Keratin Complex

Keratin Complex was one of the first companies in the U.S. to market keratin smoothing treatments. It has been an industry leader since 2007.  Many of our customers specifically want Keratin Complex treatments.

They offer a variety of customizable treatments.  All of them:

  • Reduce the appearance of damage
  • Increase manageability
  • Make your hair feel softer
  • Increase shine
  • Eliminate Frizz

All Keratin Complex treatments contain their Signature Keratin. 

Not all of the formulations work for each hair type.  Our stylists will look at your hair’s condition and discuss your hair goals.  Then, they can recommend a treatment for you.

Keratin Collagen

While our treatments are great at improving the look of hair, collagen can repair hair. 

Collagen is a structural protein.  It holds tissues together.  Using collagen in hair care products can make your hair more elastic.  That means it is less likely to break.

Keratin callogen treatment is one of our options

Collagen can also improve your hair’s appearance.  It reduces frizz and boosts shine.  A natural smoothing agent, collagen can make your hair easier to manage.

Keratin is also a protein.  Unlike collagen, keratin is a protective protein, not a structural protein.  It can temporarily strengthen hair.  It also adds shine and reduces frizz.

Want the benefit of both of these proteins?  Then a keratin collagen treatment might be for you. 

Keratin collagen treatments work best on:

  • Dry hair
  • Damaged hair
  • Overly-porous hair

Keratin collagen treatments are a great option if you want softer, shinier hair.

Argentinian Keratin

We use a luxurious imported Argentinian Keratin formula that many consider the ultimate treatment.  It can even handle Houston humidity.  It gives you frizz-free hair and incredible shine, even on the most humid days!

why get keratin treatments?

Why Get Keratin Treatments

Our treatments feel like an indulgence.

To us, that is a reason to get them. We believe you should pamper yourself every chance you get.   

However, keratin treatments are also practical.

  • How much time do you spend styling your hair each day?
  • How often do you put your hair up because it gets frizzy in the Houston humidity?
  • How much time would you save not having to blow out your hair?
  • How much happier would you be without having to worry about your hair?

Those are all practical reasons to get keratin treatments.

What Does a Keratin Treatment Involve?

All three keratin use a similar process. 

  • We apply the solution to your hair.
  • We blow-dry your hair.
  • We use a flat iron to seal the solution into your hair.
  • You avoid getting your hair wet immediately after treatment.
    • The length of time depends on the treatment selected.
    • 1 to 3 days, depending on the treatment.
    • Argentinian and Collagen Keratin can get wet after 24 hours.

There are some differences in the application processes.  The main differences are:

  • How long the solution sits on your hair
  • The heat used to seal your hair

Can You Use Keratin Treatments on Curly Hair?

Yes.  Keratin treatments can reduce frizz on curly hair. 

Keratin may eliminate or reduce the curls in your hair. 

There are treatments that will straighten hair. 

It can be challenging to predict how much your curls will be reduced.  Unlike a permanent hair straightener, the curls gradually return over time.

can you use keratin treatment for curly hair?

During the consultation, we will ask about your hair goals.  It is essential to know whether you want smoothing or smoothing + straightening.

Can You Use Keratin on Color-Treated Hair?

Absolutely.  Keratin treatments can help seal in color treatments.  If you color your hair, we suggest refreshing hair color before getting your treatment.

Can Keratin Treatments Damage Your Hair?

Keratin treatments are safe for most hair types.  However, we have to use high heat for these treatments.  Keratin may not be appropriate for

  • Fine hair
  • Extremely damaged hair
  • Thin hair

Keratin collagen complex may be safe to use when we have ruled out our Keratin Complex or our Argentinian Complex.  The stylist will assess your hair’s condition at your consultation and let you know which keratin is right for you.

Ready to Be Frizz-Free?

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