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Most Popular Updos For Your Special Day 

popular hair updosAre you heading to a special event? An updo is a classic way to look chic. Updos can range from effortlessly casual to elaborate and upscale. They are a great go-to look for events, especially in Houston summer, when heat and humidity can make wearing your hair down tricky. 

Some updos you can do yourself. Others may require the help of a stylist. If you think one of these updos sounds like the look you want for your next special event, you can schedule a consultation with us. At the consultation, we can look at pictures, see what look you want, and let you know if it is possible. You can even schedule a preview.  



A chignon, or twisted low bun, is a classic style. We can pull it tight and straight for a classic formal look. Modern chignons may have more texture and even loose pieces, giving them a more versatile look that goes from day-time casual to cocktail parties.


Fishtail Chignon

Looking for a way to make the classic chignon look romantic? Consider adding a loose fishtail braid to one side of your head, then ending in a chignon. We love this look if you want to highlight a piece of hair jewelry or other accessories.


Face Framing Waves

Using the chignon as a base, you can make the look more event-ready with some face-framing waves. Tease and curl to add texture to these pieces.

Looped Curls

Looped curls may be the look you think of when you think of an updo. We start with curled hair, which provides volume and texture and still smooths frizz. Then we loop them together in the back. The result is a princess-worthy updo that is a favorite for proms and weddings.

Thick, Chunky Braid

We take super-thick strands and connect them in a loose approximation of a braid. You can wear the ends loose or secure them underneath. This look is beautiful with and without intentional face-framing pieces.

Low Braids

Using braids to wrap the low part of your head is a classic look. It is a casual look you can do yourself for everyday use. You can also transform the look by having it straightened and smoothed at the salon and then adding decoration. We love the look of babies’ breath or other live flowers. It is a classic look for bridesmaids.

Bouffant Low Bun

The bouffant is the sexiest version of the classic low bun. Tease the hair to add texture and volume, then form it into a bun at the nape of your neck.

Chunky Braid High Pony Bun

Combine the look of a loose high ponytail, flowing waves, and loose braids to create a voluminous, casual, high-drama updo.

Half Updo

Curl your hair to add volume and texture, then pull the top half into an updo. You get the look and drama of long hair, but the updo pulls back hair to reveal your face.

Inverted French Twist

Take the classic French twist, but twist down instead of up. Secure the ends in a low bun at the bottom. It is an excellent look for a traditional and classic style. We love it for an ultra-professional look or a milestone church ceremony.


Short Hair Updos

Think you must have long hair for an updo? Absolutely not. We can combine braids, twists, and waves to give you the look of an updo, even if you have chin-length hair.

Deconstructed Bun

Start with voluminous, curly hair and pull it back into a bun. Instead of a smooth, even look, pull pieces to different lengths and leave some face-framing parts. Though this look is very informal in approach, it is actually great for very dressy occasions like weddings.

Messy Bun

The messier younger cousin of the deconstructed bun, you see this look everywhere. Pull out face-framing pieces, add some volume, and transform the look from ultra-casual to ultra-chic.

French Twist of French Roll

This look can be messy, textured, or ultra-sleek. We love every variation. We roll your hair against your head and secure it with pins, barrettes, or other accessories. 

Not Your Mother’s Beehive

Add height and drama to your look with a beehive. Keep it modern by keeping the height lower. Think Anya Taylor-Joy’s red carpet looks, not Amy Winehouse’s throwback style. Want to make it even sexier? Leave the ends loose for Briggite Bardot-inspired sensuality. 

Medium Hair Messy Bun

When you have shorter hair, you might lack the length to create the drama of a messy or deconstructed bun. Get around this by making the bun a low bun.  We generate the looseness and drama in the strands as they enter the bun.

Low Looped Ponytail

Want a low bun look, but also something a little more casual? A looped ponytail gives you an effortless but completely put-together look.

Hair Halo or Crown

Pull hair into boxer braids or a Dutch or French braid along the base. Pull it loose to provide texture and volume. Your hair will look like a crown or halo.

Twisted Rope Updo

With or without ribbons and other decorations, twists are a great way to add drama to your hair. You can coil them to look like ropes. Tease and texturize beforehand to add a surprising amount of volume to thin hair.

Side Braid Updo

Braids continue to be popular. You can use them to add extra impact to your updo. A loose side braid is a great way to capture layered hair to put it into an updo. Smaller braids let you add drama and interest to your hair.

Messy Dutch Braid

We love the look of a Dutch braid. Make it look romantic and formal by creating a loose Dutch braid that runs diagonally across your head. If you have one-length long hair, you can start at the bottom to complete the look of face-framing curtain bangs and loose tendrils.

Bubble Mohawk

Want an updo with a bit of edge? Consider a bubble Mohawk. It offers all of the romance and timelessness of a loose updo but with an unexpected twist.

Schedule Your Preview

As you can see, we can do a variety of updos. Not sure which one is right for your event? Schedule a preview. We can even try various styles to pick the perfect one for you.