Salon Efrain Quinceañera

Are you planning a quinceañera?

This traditional birthday celebration for 15-year old girls plays a significant role in many Latino cultures. You can find quinceañera celebrations in many parts of Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin America. 

They are also popular in the United States among people from these cultures.

While quinceañeras have always been fancy, they have become more upscale as communities have become more affluent. Quinceañeras may cost as much as weddings. 

Like weddings, the girl celebrating the birthday may have attendants.  These attendants are not called her maids but are called damas. Damas are only part of the court.  Young men called chambelanes are the other part of the court. The birthday girl and the court have several activities, including a choreographed dance at the party.

Quinceañera Looks

Traditionally, quinceañera looks have been elaborate and bold.

The dresses are traditionally ball gowns.  These gowns were usually white, much like wedding gowns.  That had a cultural significance because quinceañeras were a way of signaling that a girl was now eligible for marriage.

Modern quinceañeras are still coming-of-age celebrations, but they are no longer considered a signal that a woman is ready to marry. Quinceañera dresses now come in a variety of colors.

In addition to white, they may be any color, including very bright colors.

They have also become increasingly ornate. It is not unusual for quinceañera dresses to have sequins, crystals, and elaborate beadwork.

Quinceañeras and Weddings

While there are apparent similarities between quinceañeras and weddings, they are not the same. It is important to remember that the person being celebrated is a 15-year-old young woman.

As a result, hair and makeup are not the same for weddings and quinceañeras. The differences change as fashions change, but some trends we have noticed include:

  • Bridal hair often involves some sort of updo.
  • Quinceañera hair is usually left long, loose, and curled.
  • Bridal makeup is usually classic. 
  • Quinceañera makeup is trendier.
  • Brides avoid glitters and too much shimmer.
  • Glittery eyeshadows, shimmer, and shine add fun to a quinceañera look.
  • Bridal makeup is often neutral.
  • Quinceañera makeup incorporates colors.

Do I Need a Professional Stylist for a Quinceañera?

Budget considerations are essential.  However, the birthday girl is the focus of a quinceañera.  All eyes will be on her, and there will be tons of photos.

For families that can afford it, professional makeup and hair are usually part of a quinceañera celebration.

Many families choose to have professional makeup.  They may also choose professional makeup or hair for the damas.  Female family members may also want professional makeup.

Salon Efrain is a bellaire hair salon that provides makeup for proms

Quinceañeras and Proms

Like weddings, it is easy to see similarities between quinceañeras and proms.  Both are formal events that focus on young people.

However, quinceañeras are generally more formal than proms.  The dresses are ball gowns, and the makeup looks tend to be more dramatic. 

Dramatic makeup might overwhelm a prom look, while it can be the perfect complement to a quinceañera dress.

How Do I Schedule Quinceañera Makeup?

You start with a consultation. 

At the consultation, the makeup artist will look at:

  • Your dress (or pictures of your dress)
  • Your favorite makeup looks
  • How you plan to wear your hair
  • Whether you want fake lashes
  • Have you worn them before?
  • Do you wear contact lenses or glasses?
  • Whether you will be getting a spray tan or using a self-tanner?

Together, you will come up with a makeup look for the big day.

Like weddings, some families plan pictures of the Quinceañera.  If you have a picture day planned, you can schedule makeup for the day of the photos, as well as the day of the party.


Together, you will come up with a makeup look for the big day.

Like weddings, some families plan pictures of the Quinceañera.  If you have a picture day planned, you can schedule makeup for the day of the photos, as well as the day of the party.

If you are getting makeup for your damas or any relatives, we need:

  • Pictures of their dresses
  • Pictures of them (if possible)
  • Hair colors and styles
  • Any special considerations

How Do I Schedule Quinceañera Hair?

Almost all quinceañera looks include a crown.  If you are getting your hair done, you want to bring your crown to your consultation.  Your stylist can look at it and determine the best way to incorporate it into your hairstyle. 


Is There a Preview Day?

Whether you have a preview day for your quinceañera makeup is your decision. We recommend them.

  • Fifteen-year-old girls are often insecure in their looks. 
  • You want a quinceañera look that she adores.
  • A preview day helps ensure that she will achieve the look she wants. 
  • That can be important for confidence on a day where all eyes will be on her.

Can You Travel to a Quinceañera?

We can do makeup and hair for a quinceañera in the salon or on location.

It is essential to let us know which one you want to book.

We also need to know how many people will be getting hair, makeup, or both, so that we can schedule plenty of time.

Getting Ready for the Quinceañera

For most girls, getting ready for the Quinceañera starts well before the day of the party.  If you are planning any other beauty treatments, we urge you not to do them on the day of the party.  It makes the day hectic.  You could also have to deal with things like skin irritation.

Here are some common beauty treatments and how long before the Quinceañera you should have them:

  • Facials- 4 to 7 days
  • Manicures- 1 to 2 days
  • Pedicures- 1 to 5 days
  • Waxing- 3 to 5 days
  • Hair cuts- 2 or more weeks
  • Hair color- 2 more weeks
  • Self-tanner- 2 to 3 days
  • Spray tans- 2 to 4 days

Schedule Your Consultation Today

We love to work with families celebrating quinceañeras. 

Efrain traces his roots to a cultural tradition with quinceañeras.  He knows how important it is for young women to look and feel beautiful and confident at these celebrations. 

Rather than helping a young woman create a look for a day, we look at quinceañera makeovers as a way to help young women see their beauty. 

To us, they are a celebration of femininity and empowerment.  Each time we work on a quinceañera, it is a reminder of Efrain’s roots as a stylist. It is one of our favorite things to do. Contact us today to schedule your consultation. 

Kristy Thackerson Bridges
Kristy Thackerson Bridges
19:31 05 Jul 21
Efrain has bleached and colored my hair for over three years. He is very knowledgeable, and a master stylist with bleach, color and cuts.
Patty DeSpain Stoll
Patty DeSpain Stoll
05:25 16 Oct 22
My daughter’s second homecoming and we’re back with the AMAZING Efrain! Professional, pleasing personality, and attentive to every detail. My daughter’s makeup was perfect and her hair lasted the entire evening. I highly recommend Efrain and can’t wait until the next formal occasion!
Martha Alicia Perez
Martha Alicia Perez
03:34 03 Mar 23
Efrain is so knowledgeable with hair and makeup. Love his work
Heather Powell
Heather Powell
02:11 22 Jul 21
Amazing hair stylist and talented makeup artist. It’s hard to find someone good with red hair. He’s able to enhance my natural color without making it look artificial or too brassy. He’s also very talented with makeup. Best smoky eye in the business! If you have an event to go to and want to look gorgeous, or are looking to enhance your hairstyle..he’s your guy!
Cony Elizondo
Cony Elizondo
17:42 25 Jun 21
Súper recomendable excelente trabajo y buen trato amable, lo recomiendo ampliamente, súper cambios de look
Lucero Gonzalez Franco
Lucero Gonzalez Franco
01:34 20 Aug 21
He is just the best in town.
Photos By Gabriela
Photos By Gabriela
18:47 17 Mar 23
Efrain has been my hairstylist for over 7 years and I LOVE when it's time to get my hair done because he makes me look and feel amazing when I walk out his doors....
Sam Payén
Sam Payén
14:34 21 Jan 23
Este lugar es espectacular! El ambiente, el personal, todo de la más alta calidad! Mil Gracias por todas sus atenciones Salon Efrain!
Luna Campisi
Luna Campisi
14:44 16 Jul 22
Es el mejor. .. si deseas una magia especial en un día especial solo el podria lograrlo, siempre cumple mas allá de mis expectativas, sus trabajos son maravillosos, el trato calido , siempre muy atento en lo que quiero. Lo recomiendo ampliamente ademas de ser un gran ser humano.
Liliana Rosche
Liliana Rosche
17:57 14 Jul 21
Efrain is a great stylish, super talented and professional. I have been going to his salon for 7 years and counting. He always exceeds my expectations
Maribel Díaz-Peurifoy
Maribel Díaz-Peurifoy
17:13 06 Jul 21
Efrain has been cutting my hair for years now! He does a great job and always asks for my feedback 🙂
Perla Ulate
Perla Ulate
01:58 06 Jul 21
I was fascinated by my hair made me color and cut I loved a very nice place excellent attention thank you 😉😉
Will Hill
Will Hill
22:13 01 Jun 22
Efrain did a fantastic job with my haircut and this was the first time that I had an appointment with him. I was extremely impressed because I have an unusual bump in the back of my head and former stylist have had a hard time cutting my hair and making it look great. Now I understand why people come from Austin to get their hair cut and styled by Efrain. I've gotten several compliments from friends who love my new style. I will definitely be back.