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Changing Your Hair Tone When the Seasons Change

hair toning for the different seasonsNot that long ago, stylists routinely suggested changing the tone of your hair when the seasons changed.  Summer hair would mean golden highlights and undertones.  Winter hair would mean an ashier base.  While the old rules around hair color have certainly changed, people still want fabulous-looking hair.  Read on to find out why stylists recommend seasonally changing hair tones for some of their clients and if it is right for you.

Fashions Change with the Seasons

The “no white after Labor Day” rule may no longer apply, but there are still seasonal color changes in fashion.  Autumn ushers in rich, vibrant, warm hues, while winter styles celebrate dark, deep colors that are out of place in summer clothes.  Will your current hair color look good with those colors, or will it seem drab in comparison? 

Skin Tone Changes with the Seasons

You should be wearing sunscreen every time you go out into the sun.  However, even if you are, you probably see a change in skin tone through the seasons.  For some people, these changes are minimal.  For others, the changes can mean several shades.  Does your summer blonde make you look washed out with pale winter skin?  If so, you may want to consider changing your color. 

Hair Care Needs Change with the Seasons

In Houston, we are blessed with high humidity.  While that may seem like a nightmare from a hairstyling perspective, it can help with the health of your hair.  Drier winter air and indoor heating can both take their toll on your locks.  Changing your hair coloring routine for the colder months can help you pamper them, as darker colors tend to be less damaging than lighter ones.

Changing Your Hair Can Change Your Attitude

Even if you put any fashion rules that suggest changing your hair tone with the seasons, there are still plenty of reasons to make a change.  Getting a great new hair color can bring out different parts of your personality.  If you look at the change in seasons as an opportunity for rebirth and renewal, get a new look to go along with the new you.

One of the best ways to change your mood is to add highlights.  Most of us are ready for spring before spring is ready for us.  Adding soft highlights towards the end of winter can help you feel like spring is already here.

Does Hair Need to Be Darker in the Winter?

For ages, the trend has been lighter hair in the summer and darker hair in the winter.  That trend reflects changing skin tones and the darker color palette for winter fashions.  For most people, we think those changes make sense.  They also mirror the impact of the sun on our hair.  If we got to get outside and enjoy nature, then we would all end the summer with gorgeous natural baby-lights framing our faces.  It is like carrying around sunshine on your head.  So, darker hair in the winter makes sense.

However, we love the look of dramatic hair color.  A platinum blonde is a dramatic look that makes a statement but still has a classic appeal.   Instead of going darker for the winter, we might suggest taking the look just a little bit icier, instead.  We can add a purple toner designed to ash out that platinum and give it just a hint of the modern silver hair trend. 

Does Seasonal Hair Change Need to Be Dramatic?

Not that long ago, people looked for realism in their hair color.  Today, people are more likely to embrace the variety that hair color adds to their lives.  However, many people still want a natural look.  Subtle seasonal changes are a way to get a new look without looking dramatically different.  

Seasonal Color Trends

You may see seasonal color trends and wonder if they are right for you.  We love the look of seasonal colors that mimick the colors you see around you.  Here are some of our favorite seasonal color trends


  • Face framing
  • honey highlights
  • Copper
  • Cinnamon
  • Blurred roots
  • Warm blonde mid lights
  • Bronze highlights
  • Espresso brown
  • Deep auburn
  • Bronde
  • Deep black


  • Blue-black
  • Subtle balayage
  • Deep chocolate
  • Wheat blonde
  • Icy platinum
  • Silver or ice blue
  • Light brown
  • Snow white
  • Toffee


  • Pastel hues
  • Mermaid’s hair
  • Iridescent pastels
  • Light natural blonde with shadowed roots
  • Baby pink


  • Babylights
  • Chunky highlights
  • Frosted-looking hair
  • Face-framing highlights
  • Coral
  • Bronde
  • Bright copper
  • Honey

Ready for a Change?

If the idea of a seasonal change tempts you, schedule a consultation.  We can help you pick a great seasonal color, whether you are looking for a dramatic change or a subtle shift.