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7 Sensational Reasons to Visit a Professional Hairstylist Before Prom Day

Prom is coming soon and you want to be prepared for your big night! Here's why you should book a prom hairstylist near me early.Prom is a huge milestone in a teenager’s life. It’s so important that an average prom night costs $1,000 or more!

It’s worth it to go all out for one evening, especially since it’ll make lasting memories that’ll stay with you for life. And when you look terrific, you’ll have great photos to look back on.

While you can certainly do your hair and makeup on your own, why should you? Having a professional handle these things can be worth the money spent.

Are you wondering if you should book a prom hairstylist near me? Then read on for seven reasons why you should do so!

  1. They Can Do Hairstyles Flawlessly

Hairstylists have gone through extensive training so they can do hairstyles for their clients excellently. And throughout their years of experience, they’ve learned how to work with different hair lengths and textures.

If you often get frustrated while doing your own hair, that ends when you use a professional stylist. No matter what prom hairstyle you want, you can count on them to do it quicker than you can.

And the end result will look miles better too! So you won’t have to worry about spending hours on prom day doing your hair, only to have it fall flat in the end.

  1. They Know More Hairstyles Than You Do

Take a moment and think about how many hairstyles you know. If you’re not coming up with many, you might not have many choices for your big day.

Again, hairstylists have years of training and experience under their belt, so take advantage of the vast knowledge they have. You want to look your best for prom, so don’t go with a boring hairstyle that’s in your usual repertoire.

With all the hairstyles they know, a pro will have you looking like a fairytale princess on prom night!

  1. They Can Help You Match Your Style

You might already know what hairstyle will go well with your whole prom look. But some of us are clueless about matching, and that’s ok! That’s what professionals are here for.

You can talk with your hairstylist and let them know what your prom dress will look like, as well as the accessories you’ll wear. You can also discuss what fashion styles you like so they can come up with the best complementary hairstyles.

For example, let’s say you’re into the pin-up look. In that case, your stylist will probably give you big, upswept curls.

  1. Get Your Hair Cut and Colored Too

Chances are, you’re probably overdue for a trim. And maybe you’re bored of your current hair color, whether it’s natural or dyed.

In that case, you can get a complete hair makeover in one go! Before styling your hair, you can also get it cut, colored, or highlighted to get a fresh look.

Getting everything done in one fell swoop will ensure you have an updated appearance that’ll make everyone’s jaw drop when you reveal it at prom!

  1. You Can Get Your Makeup Done Too

Going to a salon is an excellent idea if you’re not great at doing your makeup or don’t want the added stress of DIYing it for prom. Not only can you get your hair professionally done, but you can also have your makeup done too.

These experts know how to apply prom makeup so you look your best. Nothing will be exaggerated, and all the colors picked will match your prom dress and accessories perfectly.

You can even have a consultation before prom day to have peace of mind about how you’ll look the day of. At this appointment, you can bring photos of makeup looks you like so the makeup artist gets an idea of your personal taste.

  1. It’s Less Stressful

Sure, it’s a lot cheaper to do everything by yourself. But how many hours will it take you? More importantly, how stressed out will you be?

When you consider all the hours slaving away with anxiety chipping away at you, it won’t be worth it. You’ll be exhausted by the time prom even starts, and you won’t be able to dance the night away.

Your daytime hours for prom are better spent with your friends, pre-partying and giggling about everything that’ll happen later on. When you leave the hairstyling and makeup to the experts, you and your buddies will be able to kick back and relax so you’ll have plenty of energy for the big night!

  1. It Can Be a Bonding Experience

Who says you have to go to the salon on your own? Even if you bring your mom or one friend, your appointment can provide some quality time. Have some deep one-on-one discussions or dish on all the latest gossip.

For the best experience, you should book with your entire group. While one person gets done up, all the others can gather around and chat excitedly about the memories you’re about to make.

Book a Prom Hairstylist Near Me Today

As you can see, you shouldn’t forego a hairstylist for prom. You can get many benefits, including less stress, a better appearance, and full services (such as haircuts, hair coloring, and makeup).

So if you’re looking for a prom hairstylist near me, Salon Efrain is here for you in Houston, TX. We personalize all our services to make sure you truly feel beautiful!

To look stunning for your upcoming prom, book an appointment with us now. We’ll make sure you look like a Hollywood star!