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When completed properly in a salon, the keratin treatment can help your hair look straight for six months.Women spend about $313 on skincare, haircare, and every beauty need each month. Throughout a lifetime, that’s enough to send a student through four years of college. Finding a keratin treatment near me could save you time, money, and stress while producing healthier hair.

Can keratin treatments revitalize your hair while reducing frizz? Keep reading to find out! After reviewing this guide, you can determine if keratin treatments are right for you. Read on to learn more. 

What Is Keratin?

Before we brush up on the benefits of keratin treatments, let’s cover the basics.

Keratin is the structural material that makes up the outer layer of our nails, skin, and hair. These fibrous structural proteins keep your hair looking shiny and healthy. However, your hair can appear dry and frizzy when the protein becomes weak.

Keratin treatments cover hair strands with this protein to make them appear smooth and glossy.

Keratin treatments are also called Brazilian blowouts or Brazilian keratin treatments. When completed properly in a salon, the chemical process can help your hair look straight for six months. In addition to reducing frizz, keratin can add a glossy shine to your luscious locks.

The entire treatment can take a few hours. At some salons, the process involves washing your hair, then brushing the treatment into the wet strands. The chemicals will sit for about 30 minutes.

Other stylists prefer to blow dry the customer’s hair first, then apply the treatment onto dry strands. They’ll flat iron the hair into sections to seal the treatment.

There are a few different types of keratin treatments you might want to consider before undergoing the chemical process. Some involve more formaldehyde, while others contain less damaging alternatives. Newer keratin treatment options are formaldehyde-free.

Instead, they use an alternative chemical, glyoxylic acid. Make sure to schedule a consultation appointment at a salon to determine which treatments suit your goals. 

Brazilian Blowout Treatments

Developed in Brazil, the Brazilian blowout hair treatment was one of the first hair treatments developed for reducing frizz. Though it’s costly, treatment can reduce frizz and smooth out hair cuticles, making it a more effective option. 

This treatment works by covering strands in a protective protein layer. It lasts up to 90 days.

Cezanne Treatments

These treatments are more formaldehyde-conscious than alternatives. They involve natural keratin to eliminate frizz and nurture damaged hair strands.

However, this treatment option isn’t ideal if you already have colored hair. Instead, consider following your Cezanne treatment with a future hair color appointment. 

Japzilian Treatments

Japzilian treatments combine a Japanese hair straightening system with the original Brazilian keratin treatment. They can provide results 24 weeks longer than the Brazilian treatment alone.

The Japanese treatment is completed atop the Brazilian treatment to lock out frizz and seal the cuticle.

Trissola Treatments

Of the treatments mentioned above, the Trissola treatment is the fastest to apply. It’s ideal for people with thick, damaged, or colored hair.

Treatment can help make your hair easier to manage. It will also hold against hot or humid weather. 

Potential Benefits

Before looking for keratin treatment near me, it helps to understand the full range of potential benefits available. 

It’s important to note that you’re more likely to experience these benefits if you schedule treatment at a salon. Choose an experienced professional to ensure they don’t make any mistakes while treating your hair.

Here are a few ways keratin treatments can benefit your hair!

Lasting Results

It’s important to avoid washing your hair too frequently after you schedule your keratin treatment. Washing your hair two or three times a week is enough. Avoiding frequent washings will ensure you receive long-lasting results from your treatment.

If you avoid washing your hair too often, you could enjoy these benefits for up to six months. 

Less Frizz

Keratin can smooth out the cells that overlap to form your hair strands. As a result, your hair should become more manageable and less frizzy. When your hair dries after washing, it should look healthy and glossy, too.

If you’re concerned about split ends, talk to your stylist. Keratin can reduce the appearance of split ends. It works by temporarily bonding your hair strands back together for healthier hair. 

Manageable Hair

If your hair is thick or frizzy, you might feel it’s more difficult to manage. Keratin treatments can produce more manageable hair. You can avoid the stress of trying to tame your frizzy locks as a result.

After a keratin treatment, you might notice your hair dries faster than before. Keratin could even cut the drying time by more than half!

Meanwhile, your hair will become healthier and stronger. You can air it out more often as well, saving the strands from potential heat damage. 

Stronger Strands

Keratin can help strengthen and fortify your hair. It shouldn’t break off as easily as before as a result.

Your hair might also grow faster once the ends no longer break off. 

Potential Risks

As with any chemical treatment, there are a few potential risks to consider. Make sure to discuss these risks with your stylist before your treatment. 

For example, formaldehyde is the component that helps your hair appear straighter. Inhaling formaldehyde could prove dangerous to your health. 

You might find it’s more difficult to maintain your hair after treatments if you’re in the pool often. Swimming in salt or chlorinated water could shorten the lifespan of the treatment, too.

Experience the Benefits of Choosing Keratin Treatment Near Me

You don’t have to let frizzy, damaged hair impact your beauty goals. Instead, consider looking for keratin treatment near me this year. Keratin can help straighten your hair while strengthening the strands.

Your hair could appear healthier, smoother, and less frizzy as a result.

Looking for healthier hair? We’re here to help.

Book your appointment at our salon today to get started.