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Prom is the first black-tie event for many teenagers. They want to look elegant and chic. They are also still kids.

An excellent prom look strikes a balance between elegance and youthfulness. 

A prom look differs from other formal looks in several ways:

  • Prom looks can be trendy.
  • Prom makeup and hair can be glittery.
  • Prom looks can be young.
  • Prom looks do not have to coordinate with other people at the prom.

Those are all things that we avoid in makeup for other formal events like weddings. 

What Is the Process for Prom Makeup?

Suppose you have ever planned makeup for a formal event. In that case, you know that it usually involves a consultation, a preview, and makeup for the event.

The prom makeup process may be more relaxed. We still schedule a consultation. However, prom attendees may choose not to have a preview makeup day. That not only saves money but also saves time.

What Should I Bring to the Prom Makeup Consultation?

The consultation is your opportunity to share your vision with your stylist.  You want to bring anything that can help your stylist visualize it.

You want to bring:

  • Your prom dress
  • Any accessories you will be wearing
  • Photos of makeup looks that you like

Will Your Stylist Do Your Hair and Makeup?

Is the stylist going to be handling hair, makeup, or both? 

If you are doing your own hair for prom, try to style it the same way for your consultation. 

That is the best way for the stylist to visualize your prom day style.

If you want the stylist to fix your hair on the day of prom, make sure you bring pictures of hairstyles you like.

The Role of Your Dress in Your Prom Makeup

What kind of prom dress did you pick? Prom dresses come in a vast range of styles. While you cannot pick the design of prom, you do have control over the look that you want.

Your prom dress, hair, and makeup should go together to form a look.

So, if you are wearing a flapper-style prom dress, pair it with 1920s-inspired hair and makeup.  If you chose a big poofy ballgown for prom, consider princess-inspired hair and soft makeup. When you are dress shopping, keep your overall look in mind. 

Spend Time Thinking About What You Want

Check out magazines and online fashion spots.  Which prom looks do you find appealing? 

Of those, which ones will mesh with:

  • Your style
  • Your body type
  • Your budget

Keep those three things in mind while planning your prom look. 

Many people use Pinterest or mood boards to plan out their prom looks.

Do Not Be Afraid of Color

In many formal looks, you want to focus on neutral colors.

The great thing about prom is that your pictures do not need to be timeless.

Instead, they are designed to capture you at a precise moment in time.

That may mean embracing colorful eyeshadow or rainbow-hued hair.

If your personality matches bright, bubbly colors, do not feel like you have to subdue that for your prom look. 

What Will Your Prom Entail?

Proms vary from school to school.  They also differ from group to group.

  • What are your prom day plans?
  • Are you going to dinner before prom?
  • Will there be an after-party?
  • Are you going to be dancing the night away, or are you more likely to be talking with friends?

All of these questions can help you decide what prom look you want.  

How Will Your Makeup Look in Pictures?

Prom pictures are an essential part of the event.

To make sure your makeup looks great in pictures, you want to:

  • Take test photos before you leave your salon.  If you have any concerns about how the makeup looks in pictures, let your stylist know.  The goal is for you to leave feeling gorgeous in person and looking radiant in your photos.
  • Do not be intimidated if your makeup looks heavy.  If your everyday look is more natural, your prom makeup look may seem heavy.  Take photos of it to see if you like it.  Look at it in dim light instead of the brightly lit salon setting.  Your stylist is going to keep both of those things in mind while creating your look.
  • Be prepared for touch-ups.  Unlike many other formal occasions, prom photos often occur after you have your dinner.  You should have the following things in your bag:
    • Finishing powder
    • Blotting paper
    • Lipstick

Fake Lashes: A Prom Hit or Miss?

Fake lashes have become a part of many people’s everyday style. 

That does not mean that they are right for you.

  • Have you worn fake lashes?
  • Are they comfortable for you?
  • Do they work with your contacts or glasses if you wear them?
  • Will you be comfortable reapplying if one comes loose?

Preparing for Prom

Getting prom-ready means more than doing your hair and makeup the day of prom. In the days or weeks leading up to prom, you want to:

Get a facial.  Whether at home or in a salon, facials are great at making your skin look excellent.  However, they can bring impurities to the surface.  Make sure that your facial is at least a few days before the big night.

Get a manicure.  We suggest scheduling a manicure the day before prom.  That will give you a freshly manicured look without adding another appointment to the actual day.

Wax.  If you are going to wax, do so a few days before prom to not deal with irritated skin.

Self-tanners or spray tans.  If you want a golden glow, do your self-tanning a couple of days before prom.  Self-tanning and spray tans can go very wrong.  Do not risk that on the actual day.

Cut and color.  If cut and color plans are part of your prom look, do them a few weeks before the big day.  You want to make sure you love them instead of getting a drastic change right before a big event.

Prom Looks to Consider

Smoky Eyes.  Smoky eyes are a classic look for a reason.  While the traditional smoky eye is in shades of blacks, grays, and dark neutrals, we can modernize it with hints of other colors.  The smoky eye should be paired with subdued blush and a neutral lipstick.

Metallics.  If you are bold, go for an all-over metallic look for your face.  If not, consider adding bronze or gold hints to your eye makeup, bronzer, or even lipstick.

Bold Lips.  We are all familiar with the bold red lip, but why should red have all the fun?  Consider bright pinks, purples, and even blues or oranges to complete a bold prom look.

Romantic.  Is your dress flirty, feminine, or poofy?  A romantic makeup look may be the best compliment.  Instead of emphasizing eyes or lips, think blush, mascara, and a natural pink lip paired with flawless skin.

Earthy.  Neutral browns are an excellent choice for eye makeup.  They can create anything from a natural look to a smoky eye.  The look is great for all eye colors, but brown shadows can make blue eyes pop!

Cat Eye.  Are you a drama queen?  Let your look reflect your personality with an outrageous cat eye!  If your dramatic flair is mainly hidden, you can always ask for a more subtle cat-eye look.

Plan Your Prom Consultation

It is never too early to begin planning for prom.  Schedule your prom makeup consultation before the seasonal rush.

Kristy Thackerson Bridges
Kristy Thackerson Bridges
19:31 05 Jul 21
Efrain has bleached and colored my hair for over three years. He is very knowledgeable, and a master stylist with bleach, color and cuts.
Patty DeSpain Stoll
Patty DeSpain Stoll
05:25 16 Oct 22
My daughter’s second homecoming and we’re back with the AMAZING Efrain! Professional, pleasing personality, and attentive to every detail. My daughter’s makeup was perfect and her hair lasted the entire evening. I highly recommend Efrain and can’t wait until the next formal occasion!
Martha Alicia Perez
Martha Alicia Perez
03:34 03 Mar 23
Efrain is so knowledgeable with hair and makeup. Love his work
Heather Powell
Heather Powell
02:11 22 Jul 21
Amazing hair stylist and talented makeup artist. It’s hard to find someone good with red hair. He’s able to enhance my natural color without making it look artificial or too brassy. He’s also very talented with makeup. Best smoky eye in the business! If you have an event to go to and want to look gorgeous, or are looking to enhance your hairstyle..he’s your guy!
Cony Elizondo
Cony Elizondo
17:42 25 Jun 21
Súper recomendable excelente trabajo y buen trato amable, lo recomiendo ampliamente, súper cambios de look
Lucero Gonzalez Franco
Lucero Gonzalez Franco
01:34 20 Aug 21
He is just the best in town.
Photos By Gabriela
Photos By Gabriela
18:47 17 Mar 23
Efrain has been my hairstylist for over 7 years and I LOVE when it's time to get my hair done because he makes me look and feel amazing when I walk out his doors....
Sam Payén
Sam Payén
14:34 21 Jan 23
Este lugar es espectacular! El ambiente, el personal, todo de la más alta calidad! Mil Gracias por todas sus atenciones Salon Efrain!
Luna Campisi
Luna Campisi
14:44 16 Jul 22
Es el mejor. .. si deseas una magia especial en un día especial solo el podria lograrlo, siempre cumple mas allá de mis expectativas, sus trabajos son maravillosos, el trato calido , siempre muy atento en lo que quiero. Lo recomiendo ampliamente ademas de ser un gran ser humano.
Liliana Rosche
Liliana Rosche
17:57 14 Jul 21
Efrain is a great stylish, super talented and professional. I have been going to his salon for 7 years and counting. He always exceeds my expectations
Maribel Díaz-Peurifoy
Maribel Díaz-Peurifoy
17:13 06 Jul 21
Efrain has been cutting my hair for years now! He does a great job and always asks for my feedback 🙂
Perla Ulate
Perla Ulate
01:58 06 Jul 21
I was fascinated by my hair made me color and cut I loved a very nice place excellent attention thank you 😉😉
Will Hill
Will Hill
22:13 01 Jun 22
Efrain did a fantastic job with my haircut and this was the first time that I had an appointment with him. I was extremely impressed because I have an unusual bump in the back of my head and former stylist have had a hard time cutting my hair and making it look great. Now I understand why people come from Austin to get their hair cut and styled by Efrain. I've gotten several compliments from friends who love my new style. I will definitely be back.