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Website Launch for Salon Efrain

Salon Efrain is launching their new website because we believe we can make a change.Salon Efrain is a hidden gem hair salon in West University. We have been a neighborhood favorite because of our personalized pampering.  Our clients love our custom hair care.  

Ready to Relaunch

We are ready to stop hiding and shine for everyone. That is why we are launching a new website and brand.  We are ready to welcome the whole community to the Salon Efrain difference.  

You have many choices for a local salon. Rice Village is one of Houston’s most fashion-forward areas with some of the city’s top salons.  With all of those choices, why choose us?  Personalized hair care.  

Personalized Hair Care

What does it mean to have personalized hair care?   

Think about your last haircut.  Did you keep sneaking glances in the mirror?  Did you feel attractive?  Did you feel like the stylist gave you the haircut you wanted? Did the cut flatter your face shape?  Did the color work with your skin tone?  Did you feel fabulous? 

If you answered no to any of those questions, then you are settling.  Why?    

You are beautiful. You should feel that way. 

That is what we do at Salon Efrain.  We help our clients see and feel their true beauty.  Give us a try.   We promise an experience as unique as you are. 

Our Collaborative Process

The secret to our success?  Collaboration.   We cannot help you meet your hair goals unless we know them.  We also have to make sure you understand your hair.  Will the cut you want work with your hair texture and thickness?  Will it flatter your face shape?  If not, how can we personalize the cut you love in a way that makes it flattering for you? 

The collaboration has to be a two-way street.  If we give you the cut you want, but that will not work for you, we set you up for disappointment.  Sure, we can make it look great at the salon, but you will struggle to achieve that look at home.  On the other hand, if we ignore you and give you a different cut, you will feel unheard.  Collaboration means that we work together to create your perfect look. 

Like all great relationships, ours will begin with a discussion.  At your consultation, we make sure that we understand each other. We talk to you about things you may not know about your hair, hairstyling, haircutting, and hair color.   We find out what your hair goals are and discuss how to achieve them.  Our goal is not to replicate an okay hairstyle.  Okay is not good enough.  You should not settle for anything less than stunning.    

Full-Service Salon

We provide a wide array of salon services.   We handle makeup and updos for special occasions.  We are happy to work on-site or in our salon.  We use our own foundation and cosmetics designed for long-lasting wear.  We know you want to look as fabulous at the end of your special event as you did at the beginning.  More than that, we know that special events are all about the photo-ops.  Our looks will keep you ready for your close-up all night long. 

Efrain’s Beauty Mission

What is the secret to our satisfied customers?  Efrain, our stylist.  Efrain truly believes every person is beautiful.  He feels like his mission is to help people find and recognize their beauty.  Efrain draws inspiration from one of the most beautiful people he has ever known. This childhood friend did not meet the conventional definition of beautiful.  Her appearance and her lack of confidence had a powerful impact on her socially.  Efrain stepped in to help, showing her how gorgeous she could be. He was able to help his friend see the beauty he had always seen when he looked at her. It transformed her appearance, but it also helped shape Efrain’s purpose.

While that story might seem like the stuff of teen movies, the reality is that appearance and self-image have a massive impact on self-esteem.  People who feel unattractive often settle for less than they deserve.  They may also reflect poor self-esteem to those around them.  Beauty may only be skin deep, but it is the first thing that people see. 

Some stylists focus on creating a signature look on their clients.  They have a go-to makeup look, go-to haircuts, or familiar color combinations.  The problem is that a signature look often ignores individual differences.

Efrain is different.  He does not want someone to look at one of his clients and recognize an Efrain haircut.  Instead, he wants people to look at his clients and see a beautiful person.  

The whole focus of the salon is a personalized approach to every single client.  Efrain has discovered that developing this personal relationship is the key to giving people the looks that make them feel their best.  That is why every relationship starts with a consultation. 

That approach may feel a little different than other approaches.  If your salon experiences have felt rushed or cookie-cutter, you are going to be surprised by your experience with Efrain.  He schedules the time for consultations and enough time for every service that you need. 

More than Great Haircuts

Many people think of salon services as what the stylist does to your hair.  Cut, color, blow-out, styling are all salon services.  However, at Salon Efrain, we go the extra mile to provide you top-notch salon services.  That means teaching you how to style your hair in new ways, discussing hair care with you, and ensuring you are on the appropriate maintenance schedule for your desired look.  

Any good stylist can have you walk out of the salon feeling happy about your hair.  Efrain’s goal is more than that.  He wants every client to feel just as thrilled the first time they style their own hair as they were walking out of the salon.  He gives clients hair that works for them.  

Schedule a Consultation 

Are you intrigued by this approach to beauty?   You can schedule a consultation online or by calling our salon. Our stylists will take the time to understand your beauty goals, outline a plan to meet them, and schedule the process.  Is it a little more involved than the average trip to the salon?  Yes.  Welcome to the world of customized hair care.