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Now Is the Time to Preview Bridal Looks

salon Efrain provides bridal makeup and hair servicesWhile you can get married any time of year, May through November is known as bridal season. 2022 is also the year of big weddings since vaccines have made it safer for people to gather in groups again. So many people are getting married this summer. That is why we are encouraging brides to do their bridal previews now instead of waiting until they are closer to the wedding.

Maybe you know for sure that Salon Efrain will be handling your bridal makeup, hair, or both. Perhaps you are still trying different salons. Either way, we suggest a bridal preview. A preview gives you the chance to see what your hair or makeup will look like on your wedding day. It also allows you to tweak your look. After all, you want to look perfect on your big day!

Booking a bridal preview is easy. Contact us to let you know you are interested in a preview. Let us know if you are interested in hair, makeup, or both. We will set aside the right amount of time to give you a perfect look.

Will you have other members of your wedding party with you? Many brides want a uniform look for their wedding party. We can preview your entire wedding party or just one or two others. 

Brides are not the only ones who do bridal previews. Even people outside of the wedding party may need a glamorous look that day. Mothers-of-the-bride and mothers-of-the-groom will be in plenty of pictures on the wedding day. Get a sneak peek at your wedding day look, so you can make sure it is perfect for the wedding day.

Many people choose to line up their bridal previews with pictures. If you have not done your engagement photos, preview day is a great day to do those. We have even had some brides plan a boudoir photo shoot the same day, creating the perfect gift for their new spouse!

Brides have some frequently asked questions about bridal previews. Here are our answers to the questions that we get the most.

How do I choose the right makeup and hairstylist for my wedding?

Many brides start by looking at photos. What type of work has the stylist or makeup artist (MUA) created in the past? Pick a short list of stylists who build the kind of look you want for your wedding.

However, the look is only part of the equation. You also want responsive professionals. While they do not need to be your future BFFs, you want to get along with them. They will be working with you on your wedding day. If you feel uncomfortable with them, it will impact your mood.

That is why we encourage people, especially new clients, to get a preview. Even more, than we want your business, we want to make sure you have the right fit for your wedding day.

When do I schedule my preview?

The answer to this question depends on you. If you are a Salon Efrain client and know that you want us for your wedding day, you can schedule any time before your wedding. If you consider us for the day, you want to plan further in advance. While we will try to create your perfect look, you want to leave yourself plenty of time for other previews. 

What questions should I ask my MUA or stylist?

You should feel comfortable asking anything you need to know. It is not rude to ask them questions. Many people are afraid to ask about price, but that is important. You also want to make sure they are available on your wedding day. It would be terrible to schedule a preview, love the look, and find out that they were not available for your wedding!

Tell them during your first phone call if you have allergies to makeup or styling products. Some MUAs or stylists may be unable to accommodate you. Most should, but need to know about allergies or sensitivities ahead of time. 

How do I find an MUA or stylist?

We think we provide the best bridal looks in the area. However, we also believe you should look at multiple providers. Ask friends who they used for their wedding. Some people only ask friends if they like their bridal look. We suggest asking all of your friends because it may give you a heads-up about stylists that do not mesh with your look. You can find profiles on wedding planning sites like The KnotZola, and Wedding Wire.

When should I schedule my preview?

It is never too early to schedule your preview. If you know who you want to use, you can go ahead and book your wedding day and plan your preview for a month or two before your wedding. If you are unsure who you want to use, schedule your previews as early as possible so you have time to preview multiple people if something does not click with your first choice!

We urge you to schedule your appointment as early as possible in terms of the time of day. You want to wear it all day. It is easy to walk out of a salon looking fabulous. Will that hairstyle or makeup last all day? You want to look as stunning at the end of the night as you do when you are saying your vows!  

How do I get ready for my preview?

That is a great question. Every stylist out there has a nightmare story about a bride who looked totally different on her wedding day than she did at the preview. Are you planning to change your hair color, get a major haircut, do a spray tan, or make any other significant change before your wedding? If so, we encourage you to do those things before the preview. 

Here are some other things you can do to ensure the preview goes well. 

  • Pick your clothing carefully.

 White can make people look washed out, but most wedding gowns are white. Wear a white t-shirt if you will be in white on your wedding day. It will help your makeup artist get the tone right for your wedding day! If you are changing, wear a shirt you can remove without pulling it over your head.

  • Resist the urge to pop pimples! 

We all have the desire. You may even think you are helping. However, it is easy for an MUA to cover the color of a pimple. We can even make your skin look blemish-free. However, scabs hold onto makeup and are much more challenging to cover.

·       Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to the preview. The better hydrated you are, the better your skin will look. 

·       Do not change your skincare regime. If you are happy with your usual skincare regime, now is not the time to change things up. We have brides come in who have hit a spa for their bachelorette party and come home with many new products. If you switch your regime, do it at least a month before your preview to make sure you love the new look.

·       Come in with a clean, moisturized face. Do not wear makeup to your preview. That includes mascara and eyeliner. You would be surprised how many people think a no-makeup look has mascara!

·       Exfoliate two days before your appointment. Use a product you know and trust or even just a warm washcloth to get rid of dead surface cells. That will help prevent caking.

·       Bring stuff you love. Do you have a signature lip color or favorite blush? If so, bring it with you. You want to look like the best version of yourself on your wedding day, not like a different person. 


What happens during the preview?

This answer depends on whether you get your hair, makeup, or both. Bring photos of your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, or wedding colors. Also, bring pictures of looks you like for your wedding. Your stylist will talk to you about the look you want to create.

Keep in mind that the look will be more dramatic than everyday daytime makeup. You want a final appearance that looks great in person and on camera. Usually, that means multiple light layers of makeup to provide depth to your look. 

We may take photos multiple times during your trial. We want the look that is right for you. Some brides wish to have a high-drama look; others want a seemingly natural look. 

If you do not like your look, talk to your MUA or stylist during the preview. Let them know if you want to take another direction.

What do I do after the preview?

If the look was not right for your wedding, make sure and go to your other scheduled previews. If you liked the stylist or MUA but were not wild about the look, talk to them about it. If they have a high skill level, they should make the changes you request. If you were not happy with their skill level, you probably want to keep looking.

If you like your look, you want to book as soon as possible. Once you have booked your date and paid any required deposits, you know you will get your stylist and MUA for your wedding day. 

Ready to schedule?

Contact Salon Efrain today. We will let you know if we are available on your wedding day. If so, we will schedule your preview. Our goal is to make every bride feel like the most beautiful version of herself possible on her wedding day.